Wagner Cobra - 40:25
Wagner Cobra - 40:25


Wagner Cobra - 40:25

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    Manufacturer:   Wagner


    High-pressure piston diaphragm pump. Universally applicable for aggressive, abrasive, and shear-sensitive materials. Extremely low flushing agent consumption. Suitable for high flow rate applications (up to 5 L/min) such as multi-gun operations or for very large nozzles. It is also an excellent solution for feeding automatic spraying systems or for heavy-duty applications. It is also ideal for feeding base or hardener or 2K mixing units when high delivery is required.

    Stable, integral pressure regulator unit shut-off / air relief valve, pressure regulator, pressure gauge. You always have the power completely under control.

    The pneumatically operated high pressure pump works with extremely low pulsation and thanks to the diaphragm technology needs no packings or wiper rings.

    No lubrication or adjustment of packings. Because it is built without packings the Cobra 40-10 is particularly easy to maintain.

    • Low maintenance costs with long-life parts
    • Better finishing results - very low pulsation for consistent fluid output
    • WAGNER IceBreaker®? air motor technology - no ice even at the highest speeds
    • East to use and versatile ; can work in either a horizontal or vertical position
    • A variety of mountable suction systems: hopper, flexible hose, rigid pipe.

    Additional Information

    Specification  Cobra 40:25
    Pressure Ratio  40:1
    Max Fluid Pressure 250 Bar
    Volume per Double Stroke 25 cc
    Max Pump Speed 200 DS/Min
    Max Flow Rate 2.0 Litres per Minute
    Max Tip Size 0.019"
    Weight 32 KG
    Fluid Outlet 3/8" NPS

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