Wagner EvoMotion 20-30S Piston Pump
Wagner EvoMotion 20-30S Piston Pump


Wagner EvoMotion 20-30S Piston Pump

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    Manufacturer:   Wagner


    The Evo Motion 20-30S is a high-pressure piston pump, stainless steel, for Airless and AirCoat applications up to 160 bar and 1.8 L/min. smallest air assisted airless from Wagner. Self-adjusting packing and thick hard chrome plated moving parts reduce wear to a minimum.

    Suited to the furniture, shop fitting and metal working industries for spraying solvent and water borne coatings. 

    • Suitable for spraying smaller quantities with lots of colour changes
    • High-pressure piston pump
    • Low operating cost
    • Fluid sections are constructed of stainless steel
    • The motor is practically maintenance-free and does not require regular lubrication
    • Guns, tips and hoses included

    Additional Information

    Pump Ratio 20:1
    Max Working Pressure 160 Bar, 2321 psi
    Max Delivery Rate 1.8L/min
    Max Tip Size 0.019
    Material Temperature 5 - 80°C
    Ambient Temperature 5 - 60°C
    Weight 25kg

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