Wagner HC940
Wagner HC940


Wagner HC940

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    Manufacturer:   Wagner


    Powerful unit for large-scale projects and for processing heavy, saturated and high viscosity materials. Also availableas an electric driven version and with SSP system.

    Versatile and Flexible: Due to the high suction power of the HC 940 SSP, it can be used easily for high viscosity materials.

    Robust: The low wear rate and the resulting long service life of the equipment are further positive aspects of hydraulic technology.

    SSP - Special Spray Power: Additional power for high viscosity materials

    Extremely Powerful: The patented SSP System from Wagner is a unique development. Thanks to the special design of the system, the pump is continually filled with sufficient paint material by the shovel piston. It is possible to work without pulsation or malfunction.

    Additional Information

    Gasoline engine power 4.1 kW
    Max operating pressure  22.8MPa 
    Max volume flow  8 Litres / Min
    Max size of tip with spray gun 0.052" / 1.30mm
    Max temperature of the coating material 43°C
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 1185 x 955 x 655mm
    Weight 76kg

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