Wagner Leopard 48-110
Wagner Leopard 48-110


Wagner Leopard 48-110

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    Manufacturer:   Wagner


    Air operated piston pump for airless coating applications. High volume pump system for supply or circulation of paint and coating materials used in the manual or automatic finishing and protective coating spray applications. Piston pumps draw the material out of the container and apply the necessary pressure to push it through hoses or pipes to the spray gun.

    Piston pumps are classified by pump ratio and volumetric flow. They are suitable for low to high viscosity materials. With the Ice Breaker piston pumps, Wagner covers the entire spectrum of industrial applications. Whether in window production or shipyards, low-viscosity varnish or high viscosity thick coat corrosion protection – the product palette meets every requirement. The pumps are highly energy efficient and durable.

    The air motors work virtually without icing and, through their very low pulsation, always produce optimal spraying results.

    • Fully stainless steel wetted parts
    • Supports long hose lengths
    • Efficient and durable design

    Additional Information

    Pump Ratio 48:1
    Max Working Pressure 370 Bar
    Max Delivery Rate 6.6 Litres per Minute
    Max Tip Size 0.023"
    Weight 36 KG

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