Wagner Zip 52 2K
Wagner Zip 52 2K


Wagner Zip 52 2K

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    Manufacturer:   Wagner


    The zip52 2K consists of a single diaphragm pump with independent suctionand discharge of the two components with fixed ratio of 1:1 by volume mixture to a mixing head with static mixers.

    • In line mixing
    • Excellent handling
    • Reduced VOC's Up to 50% faster application
    • Up to 40% material savings
    • Consistent mixing accuracy
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Fast pay back on investment

    Additional Information

    Pressure ratio 1:1
    Mixing ratio 1:1
    Max. fluid pressure 8 Bar
    Max. flow rate 3.9 L/min
    Max. nozzle size 2.2mm

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