Weltek Kapio S3 Air Fed Welding System
Weltek Kapio S3 Air Fed Welding System


Weltek Kapio S3 Air Fed Welding System

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    Manufacturer:   Weltek


    The Kapio S3 air fed system provides high-level protection against eye and face injury whilst helping to prevent work-related respiratory conditions.

    Dark Shade DIN 9-13
    Viewing Area 90mm x 35mm
    Clear Shade DIN 4
    Switching Speed 0.3ms
    Optical Classes 1/1/1/2
    Weight (Airkos Unit) 1.18kg
    Weight (Kapio Unit) 460g

    Additional Information

    • Comfortable, light and versatile
    • 10 hours running time, optional 14 hour hd battery
    • PRSLTH2 filtration
    • Dual mode airflow speeds
    • Battery and filter alarms
    • Conforms to EN166B, 175B, 379, EN12941, CE
    • 2 arc sensors
    • Storage bag included
    • Warranty: 2 Years Helmet - 1 Year Airkos Unit

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